Screenwriting 8 – The Script

In all of my previous Screenwriting posts, I have been exploring the art of screenwriting. Research through YouTube, Scriptmag, and several different media lead me to more in-depth learning about the industry, the writer, and the script itself.

Some things that I have learnt:

Now, this is a lot to have in mind when I’m trying to get through one hundred pages of writing. But one thing I have also learnt through this project is that education has to seep through me (practically) and into my product. The best learning takes place in context. I will probably forget things I have learnt through this project until I run into a problem or a wall. Then, I will have all of these blog posts to come back to. They are starting points to discovering more about the screenwriting craft.

For this reason, I think that one of the most important posts I wrote was post 6, The Rewrite. Of all the blog posts, this one will remind me that it is completely acceptable to write an unpolished story. As long as I put in the hours to polish it later and make it palatable and engaging.

A friend of mine shared a video with me a while ago that helped me to keep writing, even when I felt that none of my stories were very palatable or engaging.



So, to end this learning project, I will share a snippet of a story that I have been working on called Fornia (warning: this is the first draft, no “polishing” has been done). It’s about a city on the edge of the post-apocalypse. They’ve forgotten what real food is, they’re afraid of anything to do with nature (believing that nature harbours sickness and disease), and city inhabitants eat sorghum and continually supplement themselves with synthetic medications.


Screenplay Preview


Featured Image: The City by Dianora


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