Five Cards and a Story

Here is my Five Card Story:

Basically, It uploads five photos from flickr and lets you pick ad to pick one. The next five photos are chosen by the website based on your previous choice.

My story is about Karls, a man with a great idea for the well-being of his city, who looks for a job at a firm that creates anti-fecal campaigning solutions (the whole story is on the link above). The pictures I used are seen below.

I wrote a fairly sad story.

I don’t really know whether Five Card Story is trying to tell me that my metaphysical experiences are usually depressing or if it’s just a fun, harmless game we’ve created to connect with ourselves and other humans.

I think that Five Card Story is designed for the latter.

It connects the story creator to the flickr user.

It connects the story creator to the Five Card Story audience.

It connects the flickr user to the Five Card Story audience.

It’s subliminally genius. It really all goes to show the power of story. If you’ve ever doubted the power of story, think of all the university profs or school teachers you’ve had. Do you remember the ones that had the best slides, printouts, or class management? Not often. You’ve probably remembered the ones that connected with you the most and who have shared stories from their life.

Here are a couple stories in case you don’t have one and you need to live vicariously:

And here is Five Card Story if you want to try your hand at it:

Do you like stories? What format do you usually like them in (film, novel, poem, biography, painting, etc.)?


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