I turned over and grabbed my iPhone. Being awake at six o’clock is too early for students. It’s more appropriate for foot soldiers, professors, prime ministers and nursing mothers. But this span of time before the sun decides to crawl over the trench is spellbinding in its own regard. Dawn has its own world, where the light is too weak to come through windows and where important buildings are opened with small keys. I like visiting it often.

I pushed my thumb across the glass screen and shut off the alarm. My wife stayed in bed, later coming to tell me that I should have woke her up.

The first thing I try to accomplish each day is a stretch. My muscles grow cold in the night and often contract. If I don’t do this short ritual, it hurts to sit. Each position lasts twenty seconds. In that short window of time, the weak morning light has traveled six million kilometres, and the cold back door to some important business has been unlocked and entered. Slowly, I notice how much I need to use the washroom.

I re-enter the kitchen and open a large rectangle box gleaming from inside with yellow light and edible objects. Taking the milk jug out, I set its cold and perspiring body on the small breakfast table. Then I grab several homemade cereals from our pantry and fridge, noticing that they are stored in old mason jars. While eating, I silently bless my wife for being resourceful.

Quickly after finishing I wash my cereal bowl so that the sugars and carbs don’t set into the Corelle.

Satisfied that food is starting to wake up my metabolism along with the rest of my sleepy body, I open my laptop and start to work. Today I want to set up a blog and begin thinking about how I will take on the task of learning a new skill this semester. This task is required for school, but I was already excited as I thought about the different things I’ve wanted to learn in the past year. Out of those things, I desired to try my hand at screenwriting the most.

In the coming weeks, this blogsite will be an exhibit for my self-instruction. I will be taking (hopefully) 45 minutes a day for roughly two months, and blogging about my progress.

While on youtube, I looked around a bit for videos about learning, and thought I would share this one:

First 20 Hours

  1. Deconstruct the skill
  2. Learn enough to self-correct
  3. Remove practice barriers
  4. Practice for at least 20 hours

3 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Andrew, your rich description of dawn reminds me of its grand magnificence, its power to lift us from our slumber!
    With your skillful attention to personal detail you have created a very real backdrop for your blog.
    Speaking of detail, the artwork you have been sharing on your blogsite is splendid!


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